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Hoosier Farmacy is proud to present their full-spectrum infused CBD oil for pets

These oils are stocked full of the plant's natural flavonoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and all the cannabinoids.

All compounds are non-degraded because there was no solvent used to dissolve and wash away the compounds. Not only does our CBD pet oil have twice the cannabinoids at (500mg) and twice the volume at (60ml) as most other CBD pet oil, but it also tastes like Bacon!

The process is not an extraction, but an infusion. What comes out of the infuser is what goes into the bottle. In simple terms, most other tinctures would be like “orange juice from concentrate" while Hoosier Farmacy oil is like “fresh-squeezed orange juice".

Hoosier Farmacy Infused Oil for Pets

Flavor: Bacon
  • 500MG | Bacon Flavor

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