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Hoosier Farmacy is proud to present their full-spectrum lipid infused oils.


Sweet is from an Indica dominant strain of hemp.

Wife is from a Sativa dominant strain of hemp.

These oils are stocked full of the plant's natural flavonoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and all the cannabinoids.

All compounds are non-degraded because there was no solvent used to dissolve and wash away the compounds. The process is a bonding of certified organic coconut oil to the certified organic hemp flower with a prototype (first off the production line) infuser. The oils are different in another way; they are genetic strain-specific. This makes the entourage effect different from our Indica-dominant “Sweet” to our Sativa-dominant “Wife”.

The process is not an extraction, but an infusion. What comes out of the infuser is what goes into the bottle. In simple terms, most other tinctures would be like “orange juice from concentrate" while Hoosier Farmacy oil is like “fresh-squeezed orange juice".

Hoosier Farmacy Infused Oil

  • 1000mg | 30ml Bottle

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